Horse Riding

Enjoy the soul-reviving adventure of horseback riding

Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our priorities, regardless of your riding experience

Even novice riders are at ease on our well-trained crossbred horses. Our dedicated team is always on hand offering guidance both before and during the outrides.
The experienced rider, meanwhile, will revel in the scenic, one-hour ride that will include both trotting and cantering.
Alternatively, you may opt for a longer ride (please see the options below).

The breeds used for our trails are mainly crossbred horses that include Boerperd-, Friesian-, and draught horse crossbreeds.
Kaapsehoop Horse Trails’ proprietor, Christo Germishuys, is an equine legend and gifted horseman. He pursues the natural horsemanship philosophy and his horses have excellent temperaments and are well-schooled. The horses are free-roaming, hence they’re never over-taxed.

Our trails run through rolling grasslands, pine forests
and along the edge of the breathtaking escarpment.

Before you embark on your ride we will carefully match you according to your level of expertise, skill and physique (our weight limit is 95 kg).
You may choose to ride with either a trail saddle or an English saddle.
We recommend wearing long pants (like jeans) and closed shoes. Riding hats are compulsory and are provided.

All trails are guided.

Riding Options:

  • A one-hour scenic ride suitable for beginners and the not-so-fit rider, as well as for the experienced rider who can also expect to have a fun ride.
  • Our two-hour ride is aimed at more experienced and frequent riders; a minimum of three riders per ride is required.
  • Our four- to six-hour rides are suitable for experienced and regular riders; we require at least four riders for these trails. The ride includes a stop in the Kaapsehoop village for a light lunch (on rider’s own account) at one of the awesome local restaurants before trailing leisurely back to home base.

Advance booking is required.
Don’t delay

You will have many reasons to return:
The horses, the clean mountain air, also the jaw-dropping beauty of the escarpment edge,
not to mention the promptings of your soul.
These will all draw you back.
And again.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

Winston Churchill